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Mental Health First Aid Instructor Jobs

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Why work with us?

Make a differance

Training the public in life saving, first aid and fire safety, training can be a big responsibility, but one our current trainers absolutely adore. We have a great team of first aid trainers who enjoy the challenge of teaching in different environments and to all different types of people. You are truly teaching people the skills to save lives. A noble job indeed.

Earn good money

This is a great opportunity to earn more money in a field you really enjoy. If you have relevant experience and are willing to take on 5 shifts a week you can earn approx £40,000 p/a.

Work around your schedule

Pick and choose courses that work for your schedule. Our courses range from 3 hours to 4 days and are based all around the country. You can choose to deliver a course that suits your schedule. Being able to work independently has meant that our trainers have a good work life balance and get to explore areas that they love.


” Siren is a great company to work for! I have done my fair share of time as a truck driver and builder and numerous other part time roles alongside my time in the LFB. Working as a First Aid and Fire safety trainer has meant there are always jobs available when I visit the trainer portal. Having weekly pay really helps me out as well! “ – Ian Jackson “My previous work experience includes end of life care and midwifery, which means shift work. So, having a long break from work to care for my family, I did not feel those job patterns were going to work for us. I looked at First Aid Training as a way to use my previous experience and carry on helping people. I initially asked Siren for advice, not thinking I would be good enough for them to actually use me! They were amazing – not only with the advice but their excellent training. They gave me the skills I needed and got me working really quickly; but honestly it was more than that – they helped me see that my previous work experience, plus the work break I have had raising the family is relevant and imp

ortant in this work. They also made me welcome as part of the team and really do help me to get work that suits my current family life with no pressure. A rarity in the work place. If you are thinking of using your skills to teach first aid training, Siren really is the place to come to.” – Sonia Sinclair