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What Will You Learn?

  • The online training course on bribery awareness is specifically tailored for a diverse audience within organizations, ranging from entry-level employees to middle and upper management, who could potentially encounter situations involving bribery in the workplace. Here's an elaboration on the topics covered and the audience that might benefit from each:
  • Types of Bribery: This section delves into the various forms that bribery can take, including monetary bribes, kickbacks, and non-monetary incentives such as gifts or favors. Audience: All employees across different levels of the organization would benefit from understanding the different manifestations of bribery, as they may encounter these situations in their professional interactions.
  • Failing to Prevent Bribery: Here, the focus is on the legal implications outlined in the Bribery Act 2010, particularly the responsibilities of individuals and organizations in preventing bribery. Audience: This topic is crucial for individuals in managerial or supervisory positions, compliance officers, and legal departments who are responsible for implementing anti-bribery policies and ensuring organizational compliance with relevant laws and regulations.
  • Bribes, Gifts, and Hospitality: This segment explores the nuances between acceptable business practices such as corporate gifting and hospitality versus illicit bribery. Audience: Employees involved in sales, procurement, client relations, or any role where interactions with external parties involve exchanges of gifts or hospitality would find this information valuable. Additionally, those responsible for drafting or interpreting company policies related to gifts and entertainment would benefit from a thorough understanding of this topic.
  • The course aims to educate employees on recognizing potential instances of bribery, understanding their legal obligations, and promoting a culture of integrity and ethical conduct within the organization. By providing clear guidelines and examples, it empowers employees to make informed decisions and take appropriate actions when faced with bribery-related dilemmas, ultimately safeguarding the reputation and interests of both the individual and the organization.

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