Banksman Essentials

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What Will You Learn?

  • The online Banksman Essentials Training course serves as a comprehensive resource aimed at enhancing safety protocols during large vehicle manoeuvres, ultimately reducing the risk of accidents in various workplace environments. The primary objective of this training is to equip both organizations and employees with the necessary knowledge and skills to comply with existing legislation and best practices.
  • Banksman Overview: This section provides participants with a thorough understanding of the role and responsibilities of a banksman. A banksman plays a crucial role in facilitating safe vehicle manoeuvres by effectively communicating with drivers and guiding them through complex environments. This part of the training elucidates the significance of the banksman's role in ensuring operational safety, highlighting key concepts such as situational awareness, effective communication, and hazard identification.
  • Audience: The Banksman Overview section is particularly beneficial for individuals involved in logistics, construction, manufacturing, and any other industries where large vehicle manoeuvres are prevalent. This includes site managers, supervisors, banksman personnel, drivers, and safety officers.
  • Signalling: This segment delves into the essential hand signals commonly used by banksman personnel to communicate with vehicle operators. Clear and standardized signalling is crucial for facilitating safe manoeuvres, especially in environments with restricted visibility or noise levels. Participants will learn a variety of hand signals and their corresponding meanings, ensuring effective communication between banksman and drivers.
  • Audience: The Signalling component is essential for banksman personnel, drivers operating heavy machinery, construction workers, warehouse staff, and anyone involved in directing or overseeing vehicle movements within a work site. Additionally, safety officers responsible for developing and implementing safety protocols will find this section valuable in promoting consistent and standardized communication practices.
  • By offering a comprehensive understanding of banksman duties, signalling techniques, and safety models, this online training course caters to a diverse audience across various industries. Ultimately, the knowledge and skills gained from this course empower individuals and organizations to mitigate risks associated with large vehicle manoeuvres, fostering a safer working environment and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

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Banksman Essentials

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