Emergency First Aid at Work Online
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    Extra tips in an emergency situation


    Know your location

    It’s worth spending that extra few seconds to ensure you are giving the emergency operator the correct location. Are there any particular landmarks that may help Paramedics find you easier? Think about access and whether you can assist Paramedics by leaving the doors unlocked or asking a bystander to stand out on the street to guide them to you. 


    Ask bystanders to assist you

    You may be the only first aider at the scene, however, you will find that people want to help. Accept their offer if you feel it will help you. For example:

    • Calling the operator (Get confirmation that this has been done)
    • Bring you a first aid kit / defibrillator
    • Control traffic (if safe to do so)
    • Control family or friends of the casualty that may need reassurances or possibly could be a hindrance due to emotion
    • Guiding the Ambulance to your location


    Note – if the casualty is unconscious, as a first aider, you should call the operator, so that you can relay vital information to the operator


    Calling the operator

    • 999 or 112 will get you through to an emergency operator
    • When you call the emergency operator try to keep calm and articulate as best you can. The call-handlers are very helpful and will lead the conversation
    • Do not put the phone down until you are told to do so / use loud speaker