First Aid Appointed Person

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What Will You Learn?

  • This online training course serves as a valuable resource for organizations aiming to ensure compliance with The Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981. It specifically targets the organization's First Aid Appointed Person(s), who play a critical role in ensuring workplace safety and responding effectively to emergencies.
  • The content of the course is structured around two primary modules:
  • Health and Safety Requirements: This module delves into the legal framework and regulations pertinent to first aid within the workplace. It educates participants on their legal obligations, ensuring they understand the legislative landscape surrounding their role. Topics covered may include the legal duties of employers and employees, requirements for first aid provision in the workplace, and the importance of adhering to health and safety standards.
  • Dealing with an Emergency: This module equips participants with the necessary knowledge and skills to handle emergency situations effectively. It covers a range of scenarios, such as accidents, injuries, or medical emergencies, providing guidance on how to assess the situation, initiate appropriate first aid measures, and communicate effectively with emergency services. Participants learn about the steps to take in the event of an emergency, including assessing the casualty, administering basic first aid procedures, and coordinating with emergency responders.
  • The target audience for this training course includes:
  • First Aid Appointed Person(s): Individuals designated by the organization to take charge of first aid provisions and respond to emergencies within the workplace. This could include designated employees, managers, or supervisors tasked with ensuring the safety and well-being of their colleagues.
  • Employers and Managers: Those responsible for overseeing health and safety protocols within the organization. By understanding the legal requirements and equipping appointed persons with the necessary skills, employers and managers contribute to creating a safe working environment and mitigating risks.
  • Employees: All staff members benefit from basic first aid training as it empowers them to respond effectively to emergencies, whether in the workplace or beyond. This training fosters a culture of safety and preparedness among employees, enhancing overall workplace resilience.
  • Health and Safety Professionals: Individuals working in the field of occupational health and safety may also find this course beneficial for refreshing their knowledge of first aid regulations and best practices.
  • Overall, the course aims to enhance organizational safety culture, ensure compliance with legal requirements, and empower individuals with the skills and confidence to respond effectively to emergencies in the workplace.

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First Aid Appointed Person

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