Food Safety & Hygiene (Level 2)

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What Will You Learn?

  • This Level 2 online training course targets individuals involved in various aspects of the food industry, such as production, preparation, or sale. The audience includes:
  • Food Handlers: Those directly involved in handling food in any capacity, including chefs, cooks, kitchen staff, servers, and food retail workers.
  • Food Service Managers and Supervisors: Individuals responsible for overseeing food handling processes and ensuring compliance with safety standards within their establishments.
  • Catering Staff: Professionals involved in catering services for events, conferences, and functions where food preparation and handling are key components.
  • Food Safety Inspectors and Auditors: Professionals tasked with evaluating food establishments for compliance with safety regulations and standards.
  • Food Safety Trainers and Educators: Those responsible for educating others in the food industry about safety practices and regulations.
  • Now, let's elaborate on the topics covered in the Level 2 online training course and how each audience might benefit:
  • Food Hazards and Food Poisoning: Understanding the different types of hazards present in food and the risks associated with them is crucial for all individuals involved in food handling. This knowledge helps them identify potential risks and take appropriate preventive measures to mitigate them, ultimately reducing the risk of foodborne illnesses.
  • Personal Hygiene: Proper personal hygiene is essential for preventing the contamination of food. Food handlers need to understand the importance of handwashing, proper attire, and personal habits to maintain cleanliness and prevent the spread of pathogens.
  • The 4 Cs of Food Safety: This concept refers to Cleaning, Cooking, Chilling, and Cross-contamination. Individuals in the food industry need to understand each of these principles to ensure that food is handled, stored, and prepared safely to minimize the risk of contamination and foodborne illness.
  • Procedures and Premises: Learning about the procedures and policies related to food safety is critical for maintaining a safe environment for food handling. This includes proper cleaning and sanitation practices, maintaining food storage temperatures, and ensuring the cleanliness and safety of food preparation areas.
  • Overall, the Level 2 online training course provides a more comprehensive understanding of food safety principles and regulations, equipping individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary to maintain safe and hygienic practices in the food industry.

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Food Safety & Hygiene (Level 2)

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