Gender Identity & Expression

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What Will You Learn?

  • The short online training course on gender identity and expression is aimed at providing users with a fundamental understanding of these concepts and equipping them with simple ways to actively support the trans community. Here's an elaboration on the topics covered and the potential audience who might benefit from this training:
  • Gender Identity: This section of the course would cover the concept of gender identity, which refers to a person's deeply-felt sense of their own gender, which may or may not correspond with the sex they were assigned at birth. It would explain the spectrum of gender identities beyond the binary understanding of male and female, including non-binary, genderqueer, genderfluid, and others. Users would learn about the importance of respecting and affirming individuals' self-identified gender identities, as well as using correct pronouns and terminology.
  • Gender Expression: This part of the course would focus on gender expression, which encompasses the ways in which individuals manifest their gender identity to others through behavior, clothing, hairstyle, voice, and other aspects of presentation. It would emphasize that gender expression is not inherently linked to one's biological sex or gender identity and can vary greatly among individuals. Users would learn about the significance of respecting and celebrating diverse expressions of gender, as well as avoiding assumptions based on appearance.
  • The audience that might benefit from this training includes:
  • Employees: Workplace environments can greatly benefit from training on gender identity and expression to foster inclusivity and respect among colleagues. HR professionals, managers, and team leaders could use this training to create a more welcoming and supportive workplace culture for transgender and gender non-conforming employees.
  • Educators and School Staff: Teachers, school counselors, and administrators would find this training valuable for creating inclusive and affirming learning environments for transgender and gender non-binary students. Understanding gender identity and expression can help educators better support students' social and emotional well-being.
  • Healthcare Providers: Doctors, nurses, therapists, and other healthcare professionals could use this training to improve their cultural competency and provide more affirming care to transgender and gender diverse patients. This knowledge can lead to better health outcomes and reduce barriers to accessing healthcare services.
  • Community Organizations and Advocates: Nonprofit organizations, social service agencies, and community activists working with LGBTQ+ populations can benefit from this training to enhance their advocacy efforts and provide more inclusive services to transgender and gender non-conforming individuals.
  • General Public: Anyone interested in promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion in their personal or professional life can benefit from this training. By gaining a better understanding of gender identity and expression, individuals can become better allies and advocates for the rights and dignity of transgender and gender diverse people in society.
  • Overall, this short online training course serves as a valuable tool for fostering greater awareness, empathy, and support for the trans community among diverse audiences.

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Gender Identity & Expression

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