Manual Handling (inc Tyres)

Categories: Health & Safety
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What Will You Learn?

  • You and Your Back: This section likely covers the anatomy of the back, common back injuries, and the importance of maintaining back health. The audience that would benefit from this section includes employees who engage in manual handling tasks regularly, as well as supervisors and managers who are responsible for ensuring workplace safety. It's essential for anyone who wants to understand the risks associated with improper manual handling and how to prevent back injuries.
  • Preparation: This section would cover the necessary steps and precautions to take before engaging in manual handling tasks. This includes assessing the task, identifying potential hazards, and planning the lift or move accordingly. Employees who frequently handle objects, especially heavy ones like tyres, would benefit from this training to ensure they are adequately prepared and minimize the risk of injury.
  • Manual Handling: This section likely delves into proper lifting techniques, carrying methods, and general principles of safe manual handling. It may include demonstrations or simulations of various manual handling scenarios. This part of the course is relevant to a wide range of employees across different industries who handle objects as part of their job duties.
  • Moving and Lifting Tyres: This specialized section focuses specifically on the unique challenges and techniques involved in handling tyres of different sizes. It may cover topics such as proper lifting positions, using appropriate equipment (such as trolleys or lifting aids), and strategies for maneuvering tyres safely. Employees in automotive shops, tire warehouses, and transportation companies would find this section particularly beneficial.
  • Conclusion: This section likely summarizes the key points covered in the training and reinforces the importance of applying safe manual handling practices in the workplace. It may also provide resources for further learning or support. All employees who have completed the course would benefit from this final section to solidify their understanding and commitment to safe handling practices.
  • Overall, the audience that would benefit from this training includes employees who regularly engage in manual handling tasks, supervisors responsible for workplace safety, and anyone involved in industries where the handling of tyres is common. By providing comprehensive training on safe manual handling practices, organizations can reduce the risk of workplace injuries, improve productivity, and promote a culture of safety.

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Manual Handling (inc Tyres)

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