Person-Centred Care

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What Will You Learn?

  • The topic of Person-Centered Care Training, specifically focusing on Standard 5 of the Care Certificate, encompasses a fundamental aspect of providing quality care in any setting. This training aims to equip individuals working in care settings with the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively engage with individuals they support, ensuring their care plans are tailored to their specific needs and preferences.
  • Values: This aspect of the training delves into the core principles and values that underpin person-centered care. It emphasizes respect for the individual's autonomy, dignity, and rights. Participants learn the importance of recognizing and valuing the unique identity, preferences, and experiences of each person they support. They understand the significance of promoting independence and empowering individuals to make informed choices about their care and support.
  • Support: This component of the training focuses on practical strategies for providing personalized support to individuals. Participants learn how to engage in meaningful communication with individuals to understand their needs, preferences, and goals. They explore techniques for involving individuals in decision-making processes related to their care plans, fostering a collaborative approach. Additionally, they gain insights into promoting a supportive environment that respects diversity and fosters inclusion.
  • The audience that would benefit from this training includes:
  • Caregivers and Support Workers: Individuals directly involved in providing care and support to clients or patients in various care settings, such as hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, or home care.
  • Healthcare Professionals: Nurses, healthcare assistants, and other healthcare professionals who interact with patients or clients on a daily basis and play a role in planning and delivering their care.
  • Social Workers: Professionals working in social care settings who support individuals with diverse needs, including older adults, people with disabilities, or those experiencing mental health challenges.
  • Training Providers: Organizations responsible for training and development within the healthcare and social care sectors, including trainers, educators, and managers seeking to ensure their staff have the necessary competencies in person-centered care.
  • Students and Trainees: Individuals undergoing formal education or training in healthcare or social care fields who need to understand the principles and practices of person-centered care as part of their curriculum or professional development.
  • Overall, this training provides essential knowledge and skills for anyone involved in caring for and supporting individuals in a care setting, enabling them to deliver high-quality, person-centered care that respects the dignity and individuality of those they serve.

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Person-Centred Care

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