Problem Solving

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What Will You Learn?

  • This online Problem Solving Training course serves as a foundational resource aimed at enhancing individuals' comprehension of problem-solving and its significance in various contexts. With a succinct duration of only 10 minutes, it offers a convenient and efficient means for learners to initiate their journey toward mastering this vital skill.
  • What is Problem Solving? Problem solving is the cognitive process of identifying, analyzing, and resolving obstacles or challenges encountered in achieving a desired goal or outcome. It involves the application of logical and analytical thinking, creativity, and decision-making to navigate complex situations effectively. Problem solving is a fundamental skill applicable across diverse domains, including academics, professional settings, personal life, and beyond. It encompasses the ability to assess situations critically, generate alternative solutions, evaluate their feasibility, and implement the most appropriate course of action to achieve desired results.
  • Problem Solving Process: The problem-solving process typically involves several sequential steps, which may vary slightly depending on the nature of the problem and individual preferences. However, a commonly recognized framework for problem solving includes the following stages: Identifying the Problem, Analyzing the Problem, Generating Solutions, Evaluating Options, Implementing the Solution, Monitoring and Adjusting.
  • The audience that stands to benefit from this training encompasses individuals across diverse backgrounds, including students, professionals, entrepreneurs, and anyone seeking to enhance their problem-solving abilities. Students can develop critical thinking skills essential for academic success, while professionals can improve their performance in problem-solving tasks within their respective fields. Entrepreneurs can leverage problem-solving skills to overcome business challenges and innovate effectively. Overall, this training caters to anyone aspiring to enhance their problem-solving prowess and succeed in navigating complex situations proficiently.

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Problem Solving

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