Safer Recruitment in Education

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What Will You Learn?

  • The online training course focusing on Safer Recruitment in the education sector serves as a vital resource for individuals involved in the recruitment process for positions that involve working with children. This includes a diverse audience such as school administrators, human resources personnel, recruitment officers, teachers, volunteers, and anyone else engaged in the hiring process within educational institutions.
  • The course content covers essential aspects within a concise timeframe of 50 minutes, ensuring that participants gain a comprehensive understanding of the key elements related to safer recruitment. Here's an elaboration on the topics covered and the audience that might benefit from each:
  • Laws, Policies, and Procedures Surrounding Recruitment in Education: This section delves into the legal framework and policies governing recruitment practices within the education sector. It may include discussions on legislation such as safeguarding laws, equal employment opportunity laws, and data protection regulations. Audience members who would benefit from this segment include HR personnel, administrators, and recruitment officers responsible for ensuring compliance with legal requirements during the recruitment process.
  • Pre-Employment Checks: This module explores the importance of conducting thorough pre-employment checks to assess the suitability of candidates for roles involving interaction with children. Topics covered may include background checks, reference checks, qualification verification, and criminal record checks. HR personnel, recruitment officers, and hiring managers would find this section particularly beneficial as they are directly involved in conducting these checks and assessing candidate suitability.
  • Employees and Volunteers: This segment focuses on the specific considerations and protocols involved in recruiting both employees and volunteers within educational settings. It may address differences in the recruitment process, training requirements, supervision, and monitoring of employees versus volunteers. This section would be valuable for school administrators, HR personnel, and anyone involved in overseeing volunteer programs within educational institutions.
  • The audience that stands to benefit from this training includes not only those directly involved in the recruitment process but also individuals responsible for ensuring compliance with safeguarding regulations and creating a safe environment for children within educational settings. By equipping participants with knowledge about safer recruitment practices, the course empowers them to mitigate risks, uphold legal standards, and safeguard the well-being of children in educational environments.

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Safer Recruitment in Education

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