Schools: Children with Diabetes

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What Will You Learn?

  • The training course designed for individuals working in various capacities such as parents, guardians, youth workers, or childminders aims to equip them with the necessary knowledge and skills to care for children with diabetes effectively. The course covers several crucial aspects to ensure the well-being of children with diabetes, including:
  • Understanding Diabetes: The course begins with an in-depth explanation of what diabetes is, covering both type 1 and type 2 diabetes. Participants will learn about the underlying mechanisms of the condition, including how insulin works, blood sugar regulation, and the differences between the two types of diabetes.
  • Everyday Risks and Responsibilities: This section addresses the everyday challenges and responsibilities associated with caring for a child with diabetes. Participants will learn about the potential risks children with diabetes face on a daily basis, such as hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) or hyperglycemia (high blood sugar), and how to recognize and manage these situations effectively.
  • Medication for Diabetes: Participants will gain an understanding of the various types of medication used to manage diabetes, including insulin injections, oral medications, and other treatments. They will learn about the importance of adhering to medication schedules, proper administration techniques, and how to handle emergency situations related to medication management.
  • School Trips: This section focuses on the specific challenges that arise when a child with diabetes goes on school trips or outings. Participants will learn about the necessary precautions to take, including communication with school staff, emergency planning, and ensuring that the child has access to necessary supplies and support while away from home.
  • Education and Well-Being: The final section of the course emphasizes the importance of education and overall well-being for children with diabetes. Participants will learn about the impact of diabetes on a child's physical and emotional health, strategies for promoting self-care and independence, and how to support the child's educational and social development within the school environment.
  • The target audience for this training course includes:
  • Parents and guardians of children with diabetes who want to enhance their knowledge and skills in managing their child's condition.
  • Youth workers and childminders who work closely with children and may encounter those with diabetes in their care.
  • School staff, including teachers, nurses, and support staff, who are responsible for the well-being of children with diabetes during school hours and activities.
  • Healthcare professionals who may interact with families of children with diabetes and can benefit from a deeper understanding of the challenges they face.
  • Overall, this training course is designed to empower individuals with the knowledge and confidence to effectively care for children with diabetes, ensuring their health, safety, and well-being in various settings.

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Schools: Children with Diabetes

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